Largest Employers

Columbia’s labor basin encompasses nine counties in central Missouri from which Boone County employers draw their workforce.

University of Missouri (MU)* 8,708
University Hospital & Clinics 4,487
Columbia Public Schools 2,141
Boone Hospital Center 1,623
Harry S. Truman Veterans Hospital** 1,374
City of Columbia 1,354
Veterans United Home Loans (11/25/2013) 1,100
State Farm Insurance Companies 1,168
Shelter Insurance Companies 1,078
MBS Textbook Exchange 919
Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. 706
Columbia College 686
Joe Machens Dealerships 653
State of Missouri (excludes MU) 542
Kraft Foods Columbia 516
ABC Laboratories, Inc. 398
Boone County Government 376
MidwayUSA 325
Boyce & Bynum Pathology Laboratories 306
US Postal Service 303
Schneider Electric: Square D 272
Boone County National Bank 264
~ US Department of Agriculture 258
3M 258
CenturyLink 255
~ Pepsico (Frito-Lay/Quaker Oats) 240
Woodhaven 232
Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance 218
MFA, Inc. 203

Source: unless noted, Individual companies (Summer 2013)

~ 2012 Figures

*Includes MU, Extension and System employees ** Federal Office of Personnel ***Missouri Office of Personnel

(updated 12/04/2013)


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