#FounderSpotlight video series

At REDI we have the good fortune to work with talented entrepreneurs at the Innovation Hub on a daily basis, where we see the promise their work holds. So that you can see it, too, we’ve created #FounderSpotlight, a video series to give you a look at the Innovation Hub’s dynamic community of entrepreneurs.

#FounderSpotlight will introduce you to our Innovation Hub clients, who will share their insights on their businesses, the startup world, lessons they’ve learned, and other topics just for fun, too.

We hope you enjoy learning more about the unique culture at the Innovation Hub, and the entrepreneurs who work there. Because we know you’ll be hearing a lot more from these folks soon.

Find all the #FounderSpotlight videos on the Columbia REDI YouTube channel, or click on the following links:

opens in a new windowMeet the Entrepreneurs (Also below on this page.)

opens in a new windowWhy Be an Entrepreneur?

opens in a new windowWhy Be an Entrepreneur in Columbia?

opens in a new windowWhy Work at the Innovation Hub? 

opens in a new windowWhen Did You Realize You’re an Entrepreneur?

opens in a new windowMisconceptions About Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs featured in #FounderSpotlight:

Kim Stading, opens in a new windowPakity

Billy Martin, opens in a new window Ulytic

Ella Wilhoit, opens in a new windowWehoit, LLC

Sam & Jesse Bodine, opens in a new windowScout & Nimble

JC Holmes, opens in a new windowEverFin

Jacob Hansson, opens in a new windowneo4j