COMO Game Jam 3 Recap

In the final weekend in January 2018, over sixty video and tabletop game creators took over the REDI Innovation HUB, our adjacent offices, and training room for our 3rd COMO Game Jam. The participants ranged in age from 11- (60+) and worked in tight pods of 2–6 people that included artists, game developers, musicians, and tabletop creators.

The COMO Game Jam couldn’t be possible without Becca & Sean of  opens in a new windowSpace Shark Studios. The indie game company recently showcased at Pixel Pop Festival in St. Louis:

“ Impressive displays of VR gameplay, such as Space Shark Studios’ “Auteur”, which demonstrated the future of immersive gaming experiences within a narrative of an over-produced, under-funded TV show.” —  opens in a new windowVictor Mendez of opens in a new

Our theme was decided by  opens in a new windowLunchBoxers — an app disguised as a game created by Sean of  opens in a new windowSpace Shark Studios. Input your choices for a tough decision and then virtual avatars fight it out with the victor as your “choice”. This element of random chance and rooting for your favorite choice kicked us off to a great start:

LunchBoxers chose our theme

Everyone looks pretty engaged as “Star” comes from behind to win against “Time”

Another big part of REDI’s COMO Game Jam events that has been a welcome surprise is the deep well of talented tabletop creators in Mid-Missouri. Hybrid Vigor Studios is a HUB client and tabletop company that was formed out of our first Gamejam in 2017.


Our attendees were people who really love playing games and can’t help but think they could make one as good or better than what they see in the market.

Computer Science students at Mizzou
Self-taught developers from traditional IT
Tabletop & Board-game nerds who play everything they can get their hands on Artists & Designers
Physicists & Scientists
Sales reps with big ideas
Active duty and reserve military
All kids at heart.

Connect with fellow game creators on our community  opens in a new windowDiscord


A community is built on good food, trust, and a sense of belonging. We create the atmosphere, provide the resources, and draw out the right people for this to happen organically as teams create a new game demo/level in 42 hours. Many teams work through the night or pair off in shifts to ensure they have something completed by Sunday afternoon. Our kick-off on Fridays is accompanied by Pizza Tree because its amazing and John is exactly the kind of goofy artist that can connect with our game-jam crowd. (inadvertently contributing to the winning tabletop game)

The rest of the weekend is yours to create a new team and playable demo of a game concept. Mentors like Sean will be on site to answer questions and help you manage a project to completion by the deadline Sunday. You’ll meet other attendees who will help you along the way by solving problems or confirming “yes that’s awesome”.

Read more about COMO Game Jam 3


Register to Attend COMO Game Jam IV (Oct 19-21)

Women Founders Pitch Night

REDI and our partners are proud to present the Women Founders Pitch.

Women-led startups will present a pitch that is less than three minutes to a panel of local women investors and executives. The panel will allocate “investments” into companies based on the pitches. The founder with the most $$$ will be the winner for the night!

Apply to Pitch –

Sponsor (Cash or In-kind) –

REDI Speaker Series: Maxine Clark

Please join us in welcoming Maxine Clark to Columbia!

Maxine Clark is the Founder of Build-A-Bear Workshop®, a teddy-bear themed retail-entertainment experience. Founded in 1997 in St. Louis, MO., today there are over 400 Build-A-Bear Workshop stores worldwide, more than 150 million stuffed animals have been sold world-wide and global revenues have exceeded $5 billion. Maxine stepped down from her CEO position in 2013 to dedicate her time to investing in women and minority entrepreneurs and to use her entrepreneurial skills to help reinvent K-12 education in St. Louis. Launched in 2015, is her first product, Blueprint4SummerSTL, a free and easy-to-use mobile app designed to help ALL families navigate the best summer activities for their children. Her latest venture is the Delmar DivINe™—the transformation of a neighborhood eyesore, the historic St. Luke’s Hospital, into a multi-use real estate development to open in 2019.

For more information and to register, visit

Game Jam Public Play Testing

The obvious objective of video games is to entertain people by surprising them with new experiences. – Shigeru Miyamoto

Come out and visit our HUB to help out game creators in your community by playtesting their new creations and giving them feedback and ideas.

Are you a gamer?
board game nerd?

Bring some friends, eat some snacks, and play new games.

This is part of our 3rd COMO Game Jam where local creators will design and build a new tabletop or video game over the weekend. We kick-off Friday with judging and prizes on Sunday afternoon. Stop by and meet local creators while playing some brand-new games.

Open to kids (0-99)

The HUB Pitch Competition @REDI

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a community of peers & resources?

Our Innovation HUB Founders will judge and host a pitch competition for Local start-ups. Companies can win a 6-month membership to the REDI Innovation HUB and cash prize to help them launch.

When: Wednesday, November 1st (6:00-7:30 pm)

the HUB

This is not an idea competition. Explain your customer’s problem and have a testable business model. Participants will have 3 minutes:


Customer Problem/Opportunity


Revenue/Business Model

*Volunteer Hub members and REDI/SBTDC staff will work with participants to practice their pitches

Winning teams will get a membership to the HUB for their company and small cash prize to use for their business.

Contact – Collin Bunch with any questions,