COMO Cooks Shared Commercial Kitchen

COMO Cooks - a shared kitchen at Missou North - graphic

REDI has partnered with opens in a new windowThe Loop CID and other community partners to create opens in a new windowCOMO Cooks, a shared commercial kitchen at Mizzou North.

We believe all good cooks deserve a chance to turn their recipes into reality, regardless of background, income, or status. We aim to increase entrepreneurial success by providing accessible, inclusive, and affordable kitchen space for starting and expanding local food-based businesses.

To that end, The LOOP CID and REDI are teaming up with other community partners to open a shared commercial kitchen at Mizzou North, known as COMO Cooks. We are currently working with MU and planning the build out, and are aiming for an opening in the coming months. We are accepting applications now, and will be offering tiered memberships ranging from 10 hours a month on up.

The COMO Cooks project will benefit the community by:

  • Encouraging the growth of local food entrepreneurs by reducing barriers and creating opportunities for those without easy access to a commercial kitchen, including those who have been impacted by racial, social, and economic inequality.
  • Supporting local and regional farmers by providing cost-effective space to produce value-added products.
  • Increasing the economic vitality of the Business Loop by developing a catalytic project that can spur new food-based businesses along the corridor.
  • Creating quality jobs that support upward economic mobility for the residents of Columbia and Boone County.
  • Providing a space that can be used in the future for business incubation, workforce development, food safety classes, and other training opportunities.

Applications are now being accepted for use of the kitchen when it opens.

opens in a new windowClick here to apply to COMO Cooks shared commercial kitchen.