Children Dream Big, Do You? | Vision Board Workshop Taught By Romana Stokelj, Certified Resilience Coach

September 25, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
The Hatchery
206 Corporate Lake Drive
The Hatchery
(573) 442-8182
Children Dream Big, Do You? | Vision Board Workshop Taught By Romana Stokelj, Certified Resilience Coach @ The Hatchery

Design Your Dream Business & Life | Vision Board Workshop Taught by Romana Stokelj, Certified Resilience Coach

I always thought that I needed to work harder in my business, to be an expert in everything, and downtime was a waste of time.

What if I was wrong?

I lacked my 5-year business and life vision. Without a crystal-clear vision for my life, I didn’t know how to be laser-focused on achieving my goals. The consequence was chasing shiny objects.

… you set BIG or even audacious goals for yourself, but sometimes you fail to reach them. This causes you to experience self-doubt and worry about living up to the standards you’ve set.
… you know things in life are uncertain, and it makes you feel like you should prepare for the worst. Being in this state of mind makes you feel uncomfortable and negative.
… you are on the verge of burnt out and caught up in a vicious circle of a long to-do list, family & business obligations, trying to figure out what to do next.

… you hit all your yearly goals in your business/professional life because you know how to set achievable stretch goals for yourself. You feel accomplished and proud of the excellent work you produced, which also reflects positively in your bank account.
… being very confident in yourself, with a crystal-clear vision for your future. You feel calm and in control of your life.
… when you wake up, you stretch yourself, feeling calm and happy because you know how to delegate work, ask for help, and take care for your wellbeing.

Come and join us at the Design Your Dream Business & Life (Vision Board) Workshop on 09/25/2019 from 11 am – 1 pm and:
• have fun visualizing your awesome future and creating it in pictures (so that it becomes tangible)
• get inspiration from other stories so that you are on fire with eagerness to achieve your business/professional/life goals
• reconnect with your life/business dreams and goals
• network in a relaxed and playful environment – you are allowed being silly. 🙂

What do you need for this class? Any specific photos or items that you want to put on your vision board. We will provide magazines, scissors, and glue!

Limited seating available!
Free To Active Members | $10 for Public Ticket