Culture Creation for Small Business

November 6, 2019 @ 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
The Hatchery
206 Corporate Lake Drive
Amanda Quick
(573) 442-8182
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Culture Creation For Small Business | Taught by Randal Weidenaar, Author of The Ultimate Why
Culture is the key for business growth, because culture is the operating system for your teams and people. An unhealthy culture requires lots of cajoling, compliance checking, and drama sessions. Most leaders don’t realize that businesses can lose up to a day of productivity each week per employee. Or that turnover can cost you 50% of the person’s salary to replace them, whereas a healthy culture drives innovation, productivity, and service.

The seminar will be lead by Randal Weidenaar, author of “The Ultimate Why Culture Workbook”. This talk will introduce you to a revolutionary system for culture creation based on the Ultimate Why. The Ultimate Why is the one universal factor that motivates all employees. Learn what this key factor is and learn how to create a system that will focus you, your team and even your customers around this key motivation factor.

We’ll give you an introduction to the step-by step process that includes tools for your team leaders to start creating an Ultimate Why culture. Don’t leave culture creation to chance. Have a focus and have a plan that your team leaders will champion.

What do you need for this class? Pen & paper!

Limited seating is available!
Free To Active Members | $10 for Public Ticket