Feedback Welcome: A Public Event for Entrepreneurs and Community

December 19, 2019 @ 3:25 pm – 4:25 pm
Feedback Welcome: A Public Event for Entrepreneurs and Community

Join us Monday, January 13th to hear Danielle Komo with Lost In Thought (LIT) Studios

Tell us about your business:
The equipment needed to be a professional digital or audiovisual artist is too expensive for low income artists to afford. LIT Studio gives creatives access to professional-grade equipment and low-cost classes for aspiring professional artists to become skilled and enhance their passion. The space will be used by lower income artists who cannot afford to buy professional equipment, freelancers and students needing the equipment for one-time projects, and those who just want to experiment in different mediums. Equipment will be for the following art forms: video game art, filmography, animation, digital painting, 3-D modeling, and many other art forms requiring a computer software.

What feedback are you looking for?
Outreach and collaboration, specifically for equipment and artistic opportunities. I also have no idea about Kick-starter campaigns and I plan to start one so any advice on that would be awesome.

Who would you love to see in the room?
Artistic professionals who can give insight on what aspiring artists need to get started. I’m also looking for individuals who would be willing to teach at the Studio.