Killing It Without Killing Yourself: How Mindfulness Can Help You Build A More Successful Business AND Be A Happy + Healthy Human

February 19, 2020 @ 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
The Hatchery
206 Corporate Lake Drive
The Hatchery

Kill It Without Killing Yourself: How Mindfulness Can Help You Build A More Successful Business And Be A Happy Healthy Human | Taught by Kathleen Stetson, Entrepreneur Coach and CEO of Kathleen Stetson Company
The Problem –– The work of the entrepreneur takes incredible mental fortitude. This stress, exacerbated by the traditional entrepreneurial “always be hustling” culture, can cause loneliness and depression, and wreaks havoc on entrepreneurs’ health. Feeling like they need to sacrifice everything for their businesses, entrepreneurs fail to get perspective and support, which reduces their ability to make creative decisions for themselves and their teams.

The Solution –– Understanding oneself – one’s thoughts, feelings, and biases – is essential to managing stress, and it is a skill that can be taught. Integrating self-awareness practice into your everyday life can help prevent burnout, encourage better health, and help you work better with your team and stakeholders.

Mindfulness and meditation aren’t crunchy or “woowoo” anymore – they have proven effects in other industries, and data gathered during my recent partnership with MIT now shows they make an impact on entrepreneurs. Buy the end of my recent 12-week MIT program:
* 88% had independently established their own regular, weekly meditation or mindfulness practice. Before the program, only 21% were regularly practicing meditation or mindfulness.
* 53% were more frequently utilizing a conscious tool to work through stress.
* 40% were more aware of their emotions.
* 93% felt that self-awareness practice can help entrepreneurs create more successful businesses.

What you’ll take away from this class:
* How science-backed self-awareness practices like meditation, mindfulness, and coaching can help you in your life and businesses.
* How to develop your own super-simple self-awareness practice that fits into your existing life and helps you achieve your goals.

Come join us, and make better decisions for yourself and your business every day!

What do you need for this class? A pen and paper or laptop if you wish to take notes!

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