Podcasting 101

October 2, 2019 @ 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
The Hatchery
206 Corporate Lake Drive
The Hatchery
(573) 442-8182
Podcasting 101 @ The Hatchery

Podcasting 101 | Taught by Josie Naikoi, Online Branding & Marketing Strategist & Podcast Host

You’ve probably subscribed a good amount of podcast and have found a ton of valuable information. In the back of your mind I bet your have thought about hosting your own…but then it happens. What would I say? Who would I talk to? Where would I record? How do I even make money? You’re in luck as we’ll be answering those exact questions for you!

The Podcasting 101 Workshop will cover:
– Developing a niche
– Content creation
– Building an audience
– Believing in yourself and speaking your truth
– Podcasting for lead generation
– Best programs and equipment
– Monetizing your podcast.

What do you need for this class? Pen & paper!

Limited seating is available!
Free To Active Members | $10 for Public Ticket