Stress- It’s Personal

October 23, 2019 @ 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
The Hatchery
206 Corporate Lake Drive
Amanda Quick
(573) 442-8182
Stress- It's Personal @ The Hatchery |  |  |

Stress is a part of life, so rather than trying to eliminate it from our lives (which is impossible!) we need to raise our awareness of what actually causes our stress and then learn how to manage it better.

In this workshop we’ll chat about stress, the causes of it, the difference types of stress experiences (e.g. anxiety, exhaustion, depression, general crankiness, etc. ), and how taking a proactive approach can benefit you personally and professionally.

The better we understand where it all comes from and how it effects us mind, body, and spirit, the easier it is to apply different techniques to help manage our stressors in a more personal, and therefore impactful, way.

You’ll come away from this event with a clearer idea around what’s specially causing you stress, how it’s manifesting in your life, and a couple things you can do to manage it.